MC 2013 Conference Papers

People and Buildings 2013 Conference, with links to papers in pdf format.

Conference held on the 20th September 2013 at University of Westminster, School of Architecture 35 Marylebone Road, London NW1 5LS 4BQ


NOTE: The suggested citation details for these papers is given on each paper: all contributions to the 2013 People and buildings Conference included herein were independently peer reviewed on the basis of the full paper, prior to publication

23rd September 2011
PAPERS: People and buildings
MC2013_P5 Jason Page, London Metropolitan University, UK
Performance Analysis of a Zero Carbon Housing Development
MC2013_P12 Luke Emery, University of Southampton, UK
Benchmarking the heating energy efficiency of primary schools in Hampshire, U.K.
MC2013-P03 Deborah Haynes, CAT, UK
The interaction between domestic occupants and Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery (MVHR) System performance.
MC2013-P47 Konstantinos Palantzidis, London Metropolitan University, UK
Assessment of the energy performance of the existing housing stock in Greecee
MC2013-P48 Evangelia Mitsiakou, Cardiff University, UK
Low Carbon Urban Retrofit, the case study of Neath>
MC2013_P4 Juan Jose Lafuente Cilla, London Metropolitan University, UK
The Urban Heat Island effect in London's residential stock: Energy consumption and risk of overheating
MC2013_P27 Don Isikos, Brunel University, UK
A Methodical Approach to Evaluating the Technical and Economic Feasibility of an Industrial Photovoltaic Project
MC2013_P21 Devveta Georgia, University of Edinburgh, UK
A study of the performance of different shading devices in a Southern European Office building
MC2013_P29 Ahmed Ahmed, University of Nottingham, UK
Solar performance of courtyard and atrium buildings with different forms and in different latitudes
MC2013-P35 Michel Francis, Cardiff University of Wales, UK
A ventilation system for Abu Dhabi using a Solar Chimney, an Earth Tube and a Desiccant Wheel/a>
MC2013-P40 Dina Shata, Al Azhar University, Egypt
New ventilation strategies for desert Houses in Oasis region in Egypt
MC2013-P44 Alexandros Kesidis, Loughborough University, UK
Design and testing of a passive solar air pre-heating system for heat pumps using a solar simulator
MC2013-P08 Philip Saleh, Architectural Association, UK
Thermal Impact of Glazed Balconies in Lebanon: a Case Study
MC2013-P13 Lia De Simon , University of Nottingham, UK
Optimization of the edge effect and life-span of a Vacuum Insulation Panel
MC2013-P23 Fazry Rahman, University of Nottingham, UK
Energy Performance of Eco-Biomimicry Building Forms
MC2013-P15 Ali BadieiLoughborough University, UK
The role of Programmable TRVs and the Smart Home Concept for Heating Energy Demand Reduction in UK Homes
MC2013-P30 Binaee Raofa, University of Nottingham, UK
Impact of concave and convex facades on buildings solar and energy performance
MC2013-P20 Simona Soddu, University of Nottingham, UK
“Investigation into application of PCMs as a building material for lightweight building”
MC2013-P16 Chiara Breda, Brunel University, UK
“TiO2 Nanoparticles for Enhanced Monocrystalline Solar Cell”
MC2013-P26 Maria Gabriela Costa, University of Nottingham, UK
Semi-transparent Photovoltaic Façade: optimization and overall energy performance for commercial buildings in Brazil
MC2013-P32 Ayman Wagdy, Politecnico Di Milano, Italy
Bridging the gap between design and simulation based on validated daylighting simulation and parametric modelling tools
MC2013-P36 Jonida Murataj, Oxford Brookes University, UK
A study investigating the characteristics and strategies in office building’s design that ensure the success of the building’s lighting performance and consequent occupant satisfactions
MC2013-P14 Olympiada Kyritsi, Cardiff University of Wales, UK
A Systematic Literature Review of Photovoltaic Thermal (PV/T) Technology: in the Pursuit of Demand-Side Determinants of PV/T Performance
MC2013-P22 Alex Kalenga, The University of Nottingham, UK
Life Cycle Energy Analysis between retrofit and rebuilding of Educational building: Case of George Green Library
MC2013-P34 Humberto Mora , Architectural Association, UK
Contemporary use of earthen techniques in Colombia: Thermal performance of domestic and non-domestic building typologies
MC2013-P39 Eleni Pana, University of Edinburgh, UK
Summertime Temperatures and Overheating Risk: Does orientation affect comfort in bedrooms in the UK context?
MC2013-P45 Theodora Vagiou , Loughborough University, UK
Testing the model matches reality: a review and investigation of model calibration techniques for dynamic thermal simulation of buildings.
MC2013-P09 James Matthews , London Metropolitan University, UK
Domestic Refurbishment – Transforming the current housing stock to provide healthy homes for the future
MC45MC2013-p33 Lina Fontevedra Diaz , London Metropolitan University, UK
Improving the energy performance in a dwelling built before 1919 in the UK: Insulation application to the envelope
MC2013-P25 Lorenza Casini , CAT, UK
Does a BREEAM “Excellent” building deliver an excellent working environment for its occupants? A building case study
MC2013-P43 Buwani Goonetilleke , Cardiff University, UK
Designing for Deconstruction in the Context of the Passivhaus Standard
MC2013-P46 Nafsika Drosou , Loughborough University, UK
Can Indoor Air Quality in Victorian Classrooms satisfy Government stipulated requirements?
MC2013-P24 Hanan Al-Khatri , University of Nottingham, UK
Development of a computer model for predicting thermal comfort in different climates using the Visual Basic programming language
MC2013-P49 Meital Ben Dayan , Architectural Association, UK
Environmentally Responsive Primary School Buildings in the UKn
MC2013-P28 Alda Coelho , Oxford Brookes University, UK
Reshaping the Suburbs of Maputo
Closing Session