MC2012 Papers
Energy consumption assessment via simulation and measurement, energy audit and energy efficiency
MC12-01 Silvia Piccione: Energy retrofitting of social housing stock in Northern Italy
MC12-11 Paula Morgenstern: In-situ measurement of heat loss from thermal stores
MC12-71 Kalim Chidiac: Evaluation and Optimization of Kodak, Harrow, Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Unit Performance
MC12-21 Dionysios Antypas: An ultra-low energy refurbishment of a 1900 Victorian dwelling in Oxford, UK
MC12-76 Hirad Azmin: Production, Simulation and design of an anode supported SOFC
MC12-33 Christoph Waibel: Non-deterministic Shape Optimisation of Wind Cowls by applying Simulated Annealing and Fast Fluid Dynamics
MC12-36 Parisa Azar: The Impact of Replacement Windows on Heating-load, Overheating, and Air Quality of Classrooms of Victorian Schools
MC12-46 Evangelia Anamourloglou: Autonomous housing and refurbishment: Is it feasible to make an existing urban house autonomous?
MC12-65 Stella Chatzigavriil: Timber construction in Greece: Exploring the potential in thermal performance in an office
MC12-41 Marianna Christogianni: Risk Assessment of Thermal Bridging and related Mould Growth in Housing Refurbishment
MC12-43 Sandra Camacho: Building Energy Modelling in Bogota City
MC12-38 Ioannis Protonotarios: Low Carbon Building Design on Naxos Island
MC12-62 Seda Kacel: From Nurses Memorial Home to Royal Standard House: The Upgrade of a Grade II Listed Dwelling in the frame of Sustainable Refurbishment
MC12-63 Rong Xu: Muti-purpose Atrium in Future Sustainable School Design: St Lukes C of E Primary School, an environmental study
MC12-68 Noura Ghabra: The Contribution of Facade Design and Building Orientation to the Indoor Environment - Case Study: Broadcasting Tower in Leeds, UK
MC12-12 Aasiya Aslam: Energy-efficient Biomimetic Facades in thermal conditioning of Interior environment for Office buildings in UK
MC12-31 Sven Hallin: Minimising excessive winter energy consumption in Victorian classrooms while maintaining acceptable indoor air quality.
Passive and hybrid strategies for heating and cooling, shading and natural ventilation
MC12-53 Danijel Rusovan: Minimum Form, Maximum Performance
MC12-29 Marina Stavrakantonaki: Design and validation of a daylight responsive facade system
MC12-51 Ilianna Ntarladima: Thermal and visual comfort in Greek vernacular architecture
MC12-64 Zoi Mylona: PV cells enhancement using nanostructured materials
MC12-66 Hung Dang: The impacts of window design on the internal luminous environment Case study: the New Art Exchange, Nottingham
MC12-75 Evangelia Topriska: Investigation of LED Alternatives in Retail Lighting
Integrated renewable energy, low carbon cooling, solar panels, daylighting and low energy artificial light/td> :
MC12-23 Grega Zrim: Double skin facade for Ljubljana's climate - Applicability studies
MC12-25 Herman Calleja: Passive Cooling Strategies for a Digital Creative Industry Hub in Malta
MC12-28 Ester Bassas: Study of the Parameters that affect the Performance of a Domestic Ground Tempered Ventilation System in various climates
MC12-37 Baijia Huang: Optimising the position of combined sensors in a typical open plan naturally ventilated office
MC12-52 Mariusz Ropiak: Ventilation for Comfort and Efficiency in a Theatre
MC12-56 Andrew Coker: Ground Source Heat Pumps; Too good to be true or buried renewable treasure?
MC12-60 Deepika Singhal: Chimney Ventilation System in Minster School, Southwell -A successful strategy or a redundant building element
MC12-74 Elinor Huggett: Overheating risk in night cooled buildings within London's urban heat island
MC12-47 Fatemehsadat Mirakbari: Use of Ventilated Hollow Core Slab to Improve Energy Efficiency of the Built Environment
Measuring comfort: post occupancy evaluation, indoor air quality, thermal, visual and other subjective surveys
MC12-06 Anne-Marie Fallon: Investigation into the interaction between indoor climate, activity and passive cooling on occupants of low energy buildings.
MC12-14 Luisa Dias: An evaluation of Indoor Climate in a school building in Portugal
MC12-22 Yazhini Chandrasekaran: An investigation of potential natural ventilation strategies for thermal comfort in the Howell building at Brunel University
MC12-39 Chrysoula Tsakontsi: Are you sitting comfortably? A tale of two academic libraries.
MC12-54 Elisavet Palaiologou: Natural ventilation in residential buildings in Athens: Results of field study on occupants behaviour & perception of thermal comfort.
MC12-57 Francesco Lozupone: Evaluation of thermal performance in a double skin facade
MC12-58 Agata Pniewska: Daylight Performance and its Vital Effect on Building Occupants.
BREEAM, LEED, comfort standards, policy and building regulations, passivhaus/td>
MC12-35 Carla Nassab: Behavioural Efficiency in Lebanon: Reasons and Incentives
MC12-59 Nadine Boehm: Taking Action on Construction Waste - An analysis of construction waste minimisation practices and their barriers
MC12-61 Aritz Moriones: Applicability of level 6 CSH: Refurbishment and Extension of a Grade II Listed building
Thermal and visual experience as a deliberate element of architectural design
MC12-16 Christos Viskadourakis: The Effect of Six Distinct Insulation Techniques on Earth Sheltered Houses: a Sensitivity Analysis
MC12-30 Sule Olaniyan: Optimizing thermal comfort for tropical residential designs in nigeria: how significant are the walling fabrics?
MC12-67 My Dao: Light and Thermal Balance by Facade Design: An investigation of the Gateway building
Other related subjects
MC12-09 Aiglaia Papakyriakou: The potential of integrating Design for Deconstruction as a waste minimization strategy into the profession of the architect
MC12-17 Mohamed Imam: Resource Generating Residential Towers
MC12-18 Rayan Azhari: A simplified analysis method to predict the impact of thermal insulation on the heating and cooling loads in residential buildings in Syria
MC12-32 Despoina Fragkou: Study of Beehive and its potential biomimicry application on Capsule Hotels in Tokyo, Japan
MC12-40 James Robb: One Planet Living - A better way to produce sustainable buildings?
MC12-44 Asier Etxebarria: Timber-Structure Multi-Storey Apartment Buildings in the Basque Country
MC12-48 Maryam Gholipour: Mysterious Patterned windows In primitive frontage of historical rural house of MASOOLEH in Iran Illustrate the Sustainable Beauty
MC12-77 Jing Huang: Designing Daylight Responsive Facade Shading System Integrated with Curved Origami Structure